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Welcome To Dream Surf Camp Morocco

Dream Surf Morocco offers a unique fun and educational yoga  and surf experience. Our surf camp is operational all the year. Our surf house accommodation is located in the small surfer village of Tamraght within walking distance from the waves. Our yoga and surf packages are suitable for all levels of practitioners ranging from beginners, intermediates to advanced levels. Instructors are highly qualified with years of experience in coaching yoga and surfing. Join us to enjoy a safe, thorough and professional treat.

Our Packages

Find your perfect surf package in our surf camp and come surfing and discover the country with us.

The Perfect Location

Our surf house accommodation is located in a surfer village called Tamraght in southwestern Morocco. Tamraght is a traditional fisherman’s village on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean near the foot of the Atlas Mountains that gives a unique backdrop for a complete surf trip in Morocco. The local culture in this area of Morocco is Berber (or Tamazight). Tamraght is within 15km (9mi) to the north of Agadir City and is located between two other villages: Banana village and Taghazout.

Our Accommodation

Our surf house accommodation is a stylish villa where you can enjoy several services.
Our accommodation offers a wide range of rooms option (single, double, twin, triple, quad) making it the perfect choice for everybody.

Our Surf Packages

We offer all surf packages from beginners surf courses for those who want to learn how to surf, to coaching packages for the surfers who want feedback on specific elements of their surfing. You can choose the surf package that suits your level of surfing and enjoy the expertise and knowledge of our great surf instructors in an educational and fun exercise. Our local team is devoted to help you develop your surf skills in a safe, thorough and professional experience.


Yoga & Surfing Retreat

Every morning we start the day with a yoga session followed by a surf session. Combining yoga & surfing is a natural thing because both activities seek to achieve a maximum level of relaxation by meditating on the mat or on the surfboard. There is something really special with yoga & surfing, that is, one needs some kind of mind stillness to handle both. Additionally, yoga helps to build flexibility and strength needed to polish the surfing performance. This is why we encourage combining these two amazing workouts, i.e., to get the most of both. 



There is always somewhere to surf, with a NW and SW facing coastline we are blessed with multiple options whatever are the conditions. The summer months (April–October) see small to medium swells with surfing mostly taking place on the beaches and reefs on the more exposed north west coast, this is great time for anyone looking for fun, uncrowded warm water surf.
During the winter months (October–March) the waves that have made Morocco famous come to life and world class surf and leg achingly long rides are a everyday occurrence.