Surf & Yoga

Every morning we start the day with a yoga session followed by a surf session. Our yoga classes are designed to accommodate all ages and all levels. 

Why yoga & surfing?

Combining yoga & surfing is a natural thing because both activities seek to achieve a maximum level of relaxation by meditating on the mat or on the surfboard. There is something really special with yoga & surfing, that is, one needs some kind of mind stillness to handle both. Additionally, yoga helps to build flexibility and strength needed to polish the surfing performance. This is why we encourage combining these two amazing workouts, i.e., to get the most of both. However, the most important thing about yoga & surfing is that it is practicable by everybody: you only need passion, practice, the mat, the board, and the ocean. So we are really happy to see you with us in our retreats.



The yoga lessons are a good mix of strengthening, stretching and balance exercises as well as stress relief and regeneration. Thus, join us for a fantastic yoga session on our rooftop after a day of surfing to enjoy the sea breeze, feel the power of the waves and take a real break from your daily life, support your balance, improve agility and deepen your breathing.

Who is it for?

Our yoga classes are designed to accommodate all ages and all levels. Each participant is motivated and encouraged by her/his individual potential. The lesson is around 1 hour and includes strengthening and stretching exercises oriented to help improving the surfing adventure. Classes include a variety of standing, sitting, shoulder openers and relaxation poses so your body can fully recover and prepare for the next day. 

Yoga & Surf Retreat​

In the Yoga & Surfing retreat, we propose yoga classes every day. Yoga is a big part of the treat for those who are interested. If you don’t feel that yoga is your thing, or you want to skip a class, that is totally fine as well. Our treat is mainly focused on surfing because that is where we initially found ourselves and started to chase our dream. But, we believe yoga is a very important complement to surfing. Imagine waking up, doing yoga, and then catching your first waves in amazing surf spot. It’s just such a great combination and unique life experience. Our instructors are well experienced in both yoga and in surfing, so they can teach all levels from beginner courses to more advanced ones.



680 per week
  • 7 nights Accommodation (all rooms with ensuite bathroom)
  • Daily breakfast, packed lunch on the beach and delicious dinner
  • 1 hour sunrise yoga everyday
  • 1 hour sunset yoga everyday
  • 6 days group transport to the best surf spots
  • 6 days surf coaching (2 hours lessons with qualified surf instructor in the morning )
  • High-quality surfboards, wetsuits, and leash
  • 5 days of supervised afternoon free surf sessions to practice
  • Half day trip to Paradise Valley or to the Souk (traditional market)
  • Free WiFi
  • Return Agadir airport/bus station (minimum 7 nights stay, otherwise charged 30€/PP)
  • Dream Surf Morocco team on hand 24/7
  • Photo album of your best surf moments (optional extra 30€)
  • Surf trip to the magic Imsouane bay (optional extra 30€)
  • Prices are per person in shared room
  • 820€ p.P. single room with private bath
  • Couples are automatically booked in a private double room
  • Return transport to Agadir airport or bus station transfers for minimum 7 night stay, otherwise Agadir airport transfers cost €30 per way, Agadir bus station or Agadir hotel transfers cost €15 per way.

Our Packages

Find your perfect surf package in our surf camp and come surfing and discover the country with us.