We will guide you to some of the best Moroccan spots and provide valuable knowledge about the area.

Morocco has it all

There is always somewhere to surf, with a NW and SW facing coastline we are blessed with multiple options whatever are the conditions. The summer months  (April – October) see small to medium swells with surfing mostly taking place on the beaches and reefs on the more exposed north west coast, this is great time for anyone looking for fun, uncrowded warm water surf. During the winter months (October – March) the waves that have made Morocco famous come to life and world class surf and leg achingly long rides are an everyday occurrence.


Whether you’re looking for reeling ten foot points, endless mellow six foot walls or the perfect wave to learn on, Morocco has it all. Morocco has a year round Atlantic swell – and a constantly changing shoreline of exposed and sheltered points, reefs and beach breaks – you’re never far from the wave that’s right for you.

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Best Spots


Best for: Beginners to Intermediate Surfers

A long right hander breaks from the reefs jutting out from the headland, often sheltered from the Northerly winds; it provides an all level wave more consistent at low tide. Often a fast peak and lovely lines coming all the way down to the beach. When you have finished up on this wave you are a hundred yards away from Banana village (Aourir). This little town is famous for its Tajines (sometimes with bananas chucked in for good measure).

11km and 12km

Best for: Beginners to Intermediate Surfers

North of Agadir are several spots given their names in km’s by the distance they are from the city. The breaks of 11 and 12 have fast and tubular rides on the low tide, with a softer break at 12 however dotted with a few boulders in the shore break. Often popular with body boarders due to the quick break. You have to share these breaks with a Saudi Prince and the King of Morocco; both have their palaces just next door!

Devils Rock

Best for: Beginners to Intermediate Surfers

Next to Banana Beach, Devil’s Rock is an excellent spot for surf schools thanks to its variety of waves – lefts and rights on both low and high tide. Plus, it can hold waves up to 5ft (1.5m). Despite its name, all levels of surfers are welcome on this beach break. Due to its proximity to Aourir, there are always families chilling on the beach and surfers brushing up on their skills. However, the line-up never gets too crowded. A great handout spot for chilling with the locals or watching the sunset from the cafes or amazing fish restaurant.


Best for: Beginners to Intermediate Surfers

Otherwise known as ‘Crocs’, this long sandy stretch of beach has pretty consistent right and left hand waves making it a great spot for developing your surf skills. The name comes from the shape of the headland to the North which resembles the profile of a crocodile.

Anchor point

Best for: Experienced Surfers

Arguably the most famous wave in Morocco, that completely lives up to its reputation. This powerful right-hander point break is very consistent and holds pretty much any swell size. It works best on big NW swells. Above 6ft this wave is not for the faint hearted because of its power and the strong rips to get back to the line-up if you’ve been lucky enough to catch a wave.


Best for: Beginners to Intermediate Surfers

A nice beach break often overlooked for the more famous surf spots in the Taghazout area, but producing some good barrels and less crowded than some other breaks. When there is a huge swell rolling in, the sheltered beach break is a safe place for beginners to learn. There is a right hander point break at the end.

Killer point

Best for: Experienced Surfers

One of the longest waves in the area, and one of the most beautiful as well. It was named “Killer Point” after killer whales were seen in the area. Surrounded by massive cliffs, this powerful right-hander point break can offer endless rides but requires a very solid physical condition because of the strong rip that it generates in the event of a big swell. One truly epic wave.

Desert points

Best for: Intermediate Surfers

It is often said that Desert Point has the potential to be the best wave in the entire country. Unfortunately, it is also renowned for its inconsistency. Additionally, the strong treacherous currents and you have a relatively empty wave. When it does fire up, it puts on quite a show on a seemingly endless right hander that can hold up to 1,600ft (500m) and breaks at low tide.


Best for: Experienced Surfers

Located between Taghazout and Tamri, as soon as you reach this spot, it will be easy to see where the place earned its name. The sharp rocks like the teeth of a vampire rising from the beach near the lighthouse shelter a large and demanding break that will test the wits of even the most experienced of surfers. When big northerly swells kick in, Dracula’s has the potential of becoming one of the best point breaks on the entire Moroccan coastline. Affectionately called “Boiler’s evil twin,” this right hand point break offers long rides and barreling sections, with a tricky paddle in and out. As an added bonus, crowds are hardly ever an issue here.


Best for: All Levels

The one spot to go to there are no waves anywhere else: Tamri’s exposure makes it the perfect swell magnet. Beautiful, large and untouched beach with a river-mouth. Can be nice when the sand banks are well shaped.


Best for: Intermediate to Experienced Surfers

The Boiler Point is a very nice right-hander point break that works best at low tide. The entrance and exit is a bit tricky because of multiple rocks and urchins all over the place. But definitely worth it, a very fun wave that can offer long rides. Works great even when the swell is not too big.

Imsouane Bay

Best for: All Levels

One of Morocco’s classic waves, maybe the longest in Morocco, that can offer 2-minute rides or even more. Very nice wave for longboarders and beginners when it is small. Imsouane is a beautiful little fishing harbour with a magnificent bay. Be prepared to walk back around the bay after a long wave!

*Imsouane trips are available for a supplement.​

Imsouane Cathedral

Best for: Intermediate to Experienced Surfers.

This second spot of Imsouane is on the other side of ‘The Bay’ and is both a beach and reef break-offering up some fun right and left hand waves.

*Imsouane trips are available for a supplement.​